Our Vision

The human imagination is a wonder beyond all wonders. It dares to dream dreams and to envision what could be. At DaySpring, our dreams and visions – all that we are able to imagine – is what excites and empowers us to share the story we have to tell. That story is the reality of Jesus Christ and his message of redemption. As we continue in our quest to know the love of Jesus and make his love known, we imagine (envision) DaySpring being a church that is devoted to:

  • Gospel Transformation (connecting deeply to Christ)
  •  Authentic Christian Community (connecting authentically to one another)
  • Missional Outlook (connecting lovingly to the world).

Imagine – Gospel Transformation (connecting deeply to Christ)

Where the life-changing message of the gospel of grace through faith in Jesus Christ is lovingly embodied and proclaimed. Where the joy and freedom found in living the Christian life is emphasized and modeled. Where the joy of genuine worship is freely expressed, and reflects the truth that God is living and active in this and every generation. Where good theology and doctrine are not irrelevant, but rather highly valued.

Imagine – An Authentic Christian Community (connecting authentically to one another)                                                                   

Where every person is connected, shepherded, and cared for. Where members are discipled and equipped for the task of ministering to others. Where mutual acceptance and sacrificial love to one another is the norm. Where vibrant personal relationships among the members are intentionally fostered. Where children and teens are involved, integrated and valued. Where each person’s unique contribution is essential for the well being of the body.

Imagine – A Missional Outlook (connecting lovingly to the world).

Where church doesn’t just exist in the local community but becomes part of the community. Where outreach really means reaching out, bringing tangible benefits to those not yet part of our community. Where doing good works, and doing these works with goodness is our passion. A church that emphasizes biblical justice, mercy and reconciliation. Where our Christianity is expressed as a way of life.


a church envisioned, planned, designed and built …
for all who are weary and seek rest;
for all who mourn and long for comfort;
for all who struggle and desire victory;
for all who sin and need a Savior;
for all who are strangers and desire fellowship;
for all who hunger and thirst for righteousness

DaySpring, a church that welcomes all who will come, that will open wide its doors in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sound impossible… unimaginable… like something we at DaySpring could never accomplish?

Well, you’re right, we are not able to accomplish these things on our own. But we worship and serve a God “who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.” He is capable, if we are willing.

Core Values

Our “Core Values” are those commitments that guide our vision and strategy. These values define who we are and where we are headed. We really have but one Core Value, The Gospel of Grace, but what that means practically can be outlined as follows:

Gospel Transformation
(connecting deeply to Christ)

In a world of brokenness, DaySpring seeks to be a place where hearts and homes are healed by the love of God, with an understanding of the gospel of grace as the dynamic for all life-change and ministry. “Religion,” the default mode of the human heart, is “I obey—therefore I am accepted.” But the gospel of grace is “I am accepted through Christ—therefore I obey.” Nearly everyone thinks Christianity is another form of “religion.” But when the gospel is communicated clearly, it not only amazes and attracts those who don’t believe, it helps Christians grow in grace who are mired in the self-righteousness, pride and anxiety that moralism produces.

Authentic Community
(connecting authentically to one another)

In a world of disconnection, DaySpring seeks to be a place of unusual devotion to one another with a heavy emphasis on small groups and the necessity of deep community.

God’s purpose in history is not simply to save individual souls, but to create a new humanity, a people with a communal life that reflects, to some degree, the future kingdom of God. We are to see people united in love who could never have been brought together without the power of the gospel to humble, affirm and transform their identity. Christians are, therefore, not to simply come to church to receive inspiration and information, but are to give themselves to real community and personal relationships.

Missional Living
(connecting lovingly to the world).

In a world of self-absorption, DaySpring seeks to bless our world with deeds of compassion, mercy and grace.

  • A welcoming orientation toward secular people who don’t believe in Christianity.

The gospel removes any sense of superiority toward those who don’t share our beliefs. We respect and remember what it is like to seriously doubt Christianity. We therefore expect not-yet-believers in almost every facet of DaySpring’s ministry and we make every effort to engage and address their questions and concerns.

  • A holistic emphasis on ministry in both word and deed and a concern for the poor.

Jesus didn’t save us just with words, but mainly through his deeds…his work. The gospel demands that every recipient of God’s grace surrender the illusion of self-sufficiency. This removes all superiority toward the poor. It equips us to use our gifts and resources to love our neighbors not just in word, but through deeds of sacrificial love.

  • A goal of equipping people for cultural renewal through the integration of faith and work.

The gospel brings us a unique perspective on God, human nature, the material world, the direction of history, and the importance of community. All of these inevitably influence the way we work, whether in business, government, healthcare, service industries or the academy. Therefore, we help Christians integrate their faith with their work in order to serve the common good of the whole city.

  • A commitment to the planting of new churches.

The vigorous, continual planting of new congregations is the single most crucial strategy for the numerical growth of the Body of Christ, the renewal of existing churches, and the overall impact of the church on the culture of our area. Nothing else—not crusades, outreach programs or para-church ministries—will have the consistent impact of dynamic, extensive church planting

(The expression of these values was created with a liberal gleaning from the writings of Dr. Tim Keller.)